Mick Desmond & Cara (Collie) Qualify to NSARDA Air Scent Standard

We are extremely pleased to congratulate and introduce dog team Mick Desmond & Cara as a new Air Scent Search Dog team in Kent.

They undertook a gruelling assessment process involving 4 searches over 2 days and had to find lots of missing persons (volunteer people hiding out in all sorts of places for us – we lovingly call them ‘Bodies‘ who act as our missing persons).

During this process Paul Edwards was Dog Team Support keeping them on track but most importantly calming the nerves and keeping him from falling to bits!

Mick and Cara very much deserve their badges and certificates and Kent is all the better for having another search dog team deploying through Kent Search And Rescue www.ksar.co.uk.

Mick has already served as a dog handler for some 5 years previously with his Dog Red (Collie X) who was qualified to the same standard.

Unfortunately and sad for the team Red had to be retired on medical grounds.

Mick had already got hold of Cara and started training prior to that day and within that year he is back searching for vulnerable missing persons again. The team are ecstatic with this result.

We thank NSARDA External Assessors including Harold Burrows (North Wales), Gerry Tobin (SARDA Ireland) Mick Grant (SARDA Ireland), who arrived on Thursday and worked through to the weekend.

Find out more about Ireland – http://www.sardaireland.com

Find out more about Wales – http://www.sardawales.org.uk

Our Internal Assessors included Jo Kenny, Stewart Baird, Neil Day and Stuart Kenny.


Well done on passing your assessment Mick & Cara

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