Search Dogs

Some information…

What do search dogs do..?

Search Dogs are trained to find missing people by various means such as air scentingtrailing and tracking. These are very efficient methods of searching large areas quickly and does not always require items of clothing or effects of the missing person.

Where do our search dogs work..?

The Dogs in Kent can be found working through the local Lowland Rescue team – Kent Search And Rescue (

Basically you will find search dogs working in all the types of terrains you will find across the whole of Kent; including moorland, marshes, fields, woodlands as well as in and arounds the towns an villages.

Who do Search Dogs look for..?

Search Dogs are employed in a wide range of scenarios looking for missing people of all types and age groups including WALKERS, those suffering from ALZHEIMERS or DEMENTIACONFUSED persons, CHILDRENDESPONDENTS those that are simply lost and possibly VICTIMS OF CRIME.