Dogs Bodies

How to become a Dogs Body

NSARDA DogsBody BadgeThere are many opportunities to assist NSARDA Associations as a Dogs Body.

It is impossible to train a search dog if they have no one to search for! Having a body is vital!!

All NSARDA Associations are very lucky to have a great team of people we call Bodies or Dogs Bodies.

They turn up at every training session to lie in fields, behind trees, in ditches, in the heather or between boulders until the dogs find them.

A Dogs Body assist from the very start of the dogs training and continue whilst the dog is qualified.

We always need more Dogs Bodies therefore we need you to volunteer your time.

You will get a friendly welcome and become a valued team member.


How do you qualify as a Dogs Body?

  1. Like dogs!
  2. Be happy to endure all weathers
  3. Be happy to get slobbered on
  4. Be able to hide in obscure places
  5. Have a sense of humour
  6. Be happy to take instructions

We are always happy to hear from those interested in helping train search dogs so please do get in touch.

Download our Flyer

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 read what di reynolds said about being a Dogs Body for SARDA Wales

More about what you do for us…

Search Dog RauourWhen working with the puppies Bodies help to get the dog socialised with strangers and encourage the dog to bark on command. This is one of the methods our dogs use to indicate they have found

As a Dogs Body, you will be part of an on-going Search Dog Training programme, in all weathers in winter and summer. With your help and time, hopefully, it will make an enormous impact in the different training aspects and stages that the dogs have to achieve.

New dogs bodies are always welcome, and mentored at first. Where possible you are encouraged to start with the young puppy dogs in their socialising stage. Then move on through the different training stages.

It is most rewarding to watch a young dog, move through these stages, gaining more experience, getting and better and better till it hopefully make the grading of Full Search Dog.

Dogsbody HidingKnowing you have been there as part of that dog’s training is fantastic. Even more so, when that Dog and its Handler help to save someone’s life.

Help is required across the country, maybe even in your own area.

Travelling may be a problem for you, so it can help if you join with existing Members perhaps sharing the cost of travel if you so wish.

If you feel that you too would like to be a ‘Dogs Body’, please contact us.

We will be glad to be of any assistance we can, and answer any questions you may have.